Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $175
An hour and a half service, every lash will get an extension creating a gorgeous thick set of black velvety lashes.

60 Minute Touch Up $65

Lashes will be cleaned up and extensions will be applied to all new growth and lashes that may have shed their extension.

30 Minute Touch Up $45

Corners Only $50

Ten lashes applied to each outer corner.

Half Set $100

Half the time of a full set and half the lashes, about 40-50 lashes per eye.

Bottom Lash Extensions $20-$45

***NEW*** Volume Full Set $210
***NEW*** Volume 60 Minute Touch Up $85
***NEW*** Volume 30 Minute Touch Up $60 

Volume lashes are the newest rage in lash extensions! We use very fine lashes, so light that we can layer them. We apply two to five extensions per natural lash, creating fullness that was never possible before. These lashes are light yet create a full beautiful end result. The best part is they last up to a week longer than traditional lash extensions.

A full set typically takes an hour and a half. Starting with a brief consultation with one of our lash artists, during which you’ll be asked a few questions and talk about any of your questions or concerns about the procedure, she will determine the type of lash to use and the style you are looking for. Then she will place soothing anti-wrinkle gel pads under your eyes and gently tape your lower lashes to protect them. Now you close your eyes and relax for the remainder of the service. She will dip each synthetic lash in our medical grade strong hold glue and attach it to your natural lash one by one until your lashes are full and beautiful. Next she will dry them and remove the gel pads and you are ready to look at you new lashes!

Touch ups are necessary every two to four weeks. Most clients require a touch up every two or three weeks to maintain their lashes (some can go four weeks). This depends on each individual. Touch ups take about an hour, during this procedure, the lash artist will remove any lashes that have grown out or have become loose. She then will replace those as well as add to your new lashes that have grown in since you last visit. We offer 30 minute touch ups for those times you may not be quite ready but have an event or a trip. Or maybe you just prefer to have them freshly done every week.