“I am obsessed with lash extensions! Just planned on getting them a few times and now i can not stop! They look amazing, i never have to wear mascara, and relatively inexpensive! Leisa, the owner, applies mine and she does an amazing job!! The salon is very chic and the overall experience is relaxing!! I’ll take this over a mani/pedi any day! Love this place!”
-Andrea K.

“Awesome! I love the Lash Lounge, I have been getting my lashes done here for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t even think of going to another place!”
-Robin S.

“Love this place, been going for 2 yrs. No place better. I live in Laguna and go to San Clemente for my lashes, PERFECT!”
-Sue Perkins

“Just a great place! Leisa is great! It’s a great place and you can trust their work. I receive compliments all the time, and I always recommend my friend to check it out. I love my lashes and I’m sure you will love their work. It’s very pleasant place, the music is relaxing, they are calm, nice and knowledgeable, and location is great too. Enjoy!”
-Fabi Owens

“Lash Lounge is the best!!!! If you want the best quality, natural looking lashes, this is the place! These professionals customize your lashes to fit your needs. I am always getting compliments on my lashes and they are long lasting.”
-Susan B

“I started getting extensions in April and I’ve been addicted ever since!  I get compliments on them everywhere I go with friends and strangers saying how natural they look.  The owner Leisa is such a professional and does a wonderful job.  It is always a pleasure to go in to her shop.  There are so many different options each time you go for a touch up you can never be disappointed. I LOVE my extensions and The Lash Lounge and you definitely will too.”
-Holly H.

“If you have even contemplated about getting them – GET THEM … but be careful … not just anyone can apply them.  I have been a victim of bad, worse and now GREAT!  I called the Lash Lounge because of the ad – not a discount ad, but an ad for a location in the town where I live.  The owner, Leisa, is extremely professional and still has a warmth to her personality that makes you feel like you are her best client.  She is efficient, and does her best to get you that emergency last minute appointment!  I  did it on a whim and I am addicted.  I get many compliments – some thinking I use Latisse – and I am so quick to tell them they are actually extensions! My advice – get in and pre-schedule your appointments!  The rule of thumb is every two weeks.  Yet most of the time, mine last more than that!  Truly – her work is the best around.”
-Jacqui W.

“I had been thinking of lash extensions for quite some time.  After searching the orange County area extensively, I finally came across the Lash Lounge.  I called Leisa (owner) and told her I was going out of town & really needed to get lashes done, she called me right back & got me in something all the other salons failed to do.  Ever since that first appointment I’ve been hooked.  I always get compliments on how natural and beautiful they are (even my husband & kids noticed the minute if walked into the house).  The Lash Lounge is very professional definitely the place to go.  Right after I got my extensions about 5 of my girlfriends have been to the Lash Lounge & they love it too.”
LaTonya W.

“I LOVE not having to worry about my mascara!  No raccoon eyes, no disappearing lashes.  Leisa does an amazing job making them look natural.  Her shop is a calm place to relax while you get “beautified”.  After you go to the Lash Lounge you won’t go anywhere else.”
-Kellie P.

“I adore The Lash Lounge!  Leisa is such a professional.  My lashes are weightless, gorgeous and look natural!  I always get compliments on my eyes because of them.  Going there reminds me of the spa.  Definitely recommend them.”
-Alysha D.

“Leisa, the owner is a skilled professional and has the most pleasant salon.  She is eager to make your lashes look natural and these extensions last as long as three weeks before I go for a touch up.  She is amazing and I am so happy to have found a true skilled artist in her craft.  I am constantly being asked where I go and I have no hesitation sending my friends and family to The Lash Lounge.”
-Susan B. 

“Besides the fact that Liesa does a perfect job on your lashes and makes them look full, long and amazing; her shop is so cute, clean and relaxing you will love your time there. I went to Liesa as soon as I saw the great job she did on my girlfriends lashes. When I got there I was very impressed with how cozy her shop is. She is very sweet and personable as well which is a plus. I very highly recommend Lash Lounge…you will love the way your lashes look and how you feel.”
-Coco T.

“What I love about the Lash Lounge is the fact that for one full hour I get to enjoy total and complete relaxation while my eyelashes are transformed to a full and natural look that last several weeks.  I have been getting the extensions since last December and am hooked…the time I save in front of the mirror each day is significant and worth the expense.  From the first time I had the extensions done, I feel like people look at me wondering what is “different”…a prettier look that they can’t put their finger on unless I confess!!  I was referred to Leisa by a close friend who told me how very professional she is and how good her product are…lash extensions are not all the same anywhere you go…you will love your new and improved look!! The Lash Lounge “rocks”!!  The location and parking is also very easy to access.”
-Marcia F.

“I have had eyelash extensions by four other people, and I have never been happier than I’am  now that Leisa at Lash Lounge is doing them. I love not having to wear mascara and I get nothing but compliments  on how natural they look!! Thank You Leisa.”
-Marci R.

“I love my lashes, I can’t believe the difference it makes, I no longer have to wear mascara, much less make-up.  Living in a beach community and being an active person finding Leisa and The Lash Lounge has been the perfect solution for me and looking my best without make-up. Leisa does a wonderful job making your lashes look very real..Thank You Leisa , I don’t know what I would do with out you.”
-Lisa S.

“BEST LASH EXTENSIONS! Leisa is AMAZING! I have had lash extensions for almost 2 years now and love them. The Lash Lounge takes pride in their work and they always look amazing. I have had so many compliments on my eyelashes and would recommend The Lash Lounge to ANYONE!”
-Christina F.

“Very pleased, as always! Friendly service, clean environment, cute place, great pricing, wonderful lashes, comfortable, soothing music, hi-end products, satisfied & pleases with service every time, knowledgeable staff, convenient location… Long lasting lashes!”

“I have Lashes again!! Love my lashes, I would feel so naked without them….. everyone is so friendly and professional and listens to your needs. If one style doesn’t work they try new lengths and styles until you are happy.”
-Donna Brown

“Love the Lash Lounge! I have been a customer since Jan 2012 and have had excellent service since day one. My eyelashes always look perfect and they are applied correctly without any issues. I highly recommend Hayley at Lash Lounge… 5 stars for service, product and overall excellence!”
-Kelly R.